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Some of Sufi's dishes

Fresh Naan

Freshly baked Naan Bread

Elia the master baker at work

Special dish, Chicken and Barberry

Naz Khatoon

Yogurt, Mint and Cucumber Dip

Cube cut Tender lamb fillet

Chicken Fillet

Popular chicken Fillet Grill

Grilled Aubergine and Tomto

Chef prepared Chicken Barberry and Salmon

Preparing Mirza Ghassemi

One of the most popular dips we do at Sufi, ‘Mirza Ghassemi’ consists of  Grilled aubergine , sautéed Garlic and Tomato. These little aubergines are ready to go 🙂

The Natural Chargrill

More natural, the  way preparing the food, more is the enhancement of the taste. The natural chargrill gives the meat that smoky , earthy and tasty flavour that can not be achieved on Gas Grill Oven. Enjoy ! 🙂

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